Weird and Wonderful Objects Left Behind

White Papers 09 Nov 2017

With millions of travellers rushing through airport terminals everyday, there are plenty of items that get left behind at departure gates, security checks and on board flights.

The list of weird and wonderful objects left behind has developed to something quite extraordinary and would make most question why someone would be carrying them through an airport in the first place, or how someone could entirely forget them.

The most frequent lost items are belts, mobile phones, chargers, earphones, laptops, iPads, cameras and umbrellas. Unsurprisingly these tend to be left behind during the security procedures. Do ensure you have all your belongings before you head off to your flight from customs. The list of left behind items does also extend to some crazy items such as wedding dresses, false teeth, prosthetic leg, bicycles, walking sticks, crutches, a guitar amplifier and a 15kg boulder from Ireland was somehow left behind.

The list doesn’t just extend to airports. Hotels also exhibit a long weird list of forgotten items which include a miniature Shetland pony, a rice cooker, a 3D model of London, a business contract between two oil companies, a replica of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, a Swarovski encrusted 5ft wedding cake and a suitcase of Jimmy Choo shoes. However, lost items like those don’t come around as often. Some of the most popular items left behind include chargers for smartphones and other electronic devices, ties, toiletry bags, tablets and kindles and much loved teddy bears.

What happens to all these items once they’re found?

Unfortunately, they are not taken home by a lucky employee. All items found in airports are recorded and stored for 90 days. 85% of ‘high-value’ items, like laptops, mobiles and cameras, are thankfully returned to their owners. In the case you are the one to have forgotten your beloved belongings, contact the according airline or airport that you commuted with, the chances is that your items are sitting with a huge pile of other missed items and will be recovered.

However if the day comes around and the beloved items have not been claimed and returned to their owners, they are either donated or auctioned off for charity. As for the illegal items? The police are called to deal with all items of a prohibited and dangerous nature.

So how can these accidents help you and your travel?

Considering that most mobile phones nowadays use the same cord for charging and are pretty much interchangeable, if you ever find yourself in the position of having left behind your charger during your travels, luck may have it.

Many hotels are more than happy to provide you a charger from their ‘Lost & Found’ box if you ask nicely. This will help you avoid having to head to the nearest store and buy a replacement charger. If you’re staying in the same hotel for several nights, it will make sense to borrow one from the kind desk clerks. Of course, if you will be staying in multiple hotels during your trip, you’d probably be better off to invest in a new charger to take with you from place to place.

And before you return home, try to pay it forward to the next power-less traveller and return the borrowed power cords back to the front desk.