Tides of Change

White Papers 05 Jul 2018

Every industry is facing major disruption, and the travel industry is no different. Among other things, technological advancements, political and social upheaval, climate change and changing tastes and preferences are shaping the path the industry will take going forward.

Culture can be used to understand and predict these industry shifts. After all, humans are herd creatures and much of what we think or do is driven by what is happening in the world around us.

The Flight Centre Travel Group, in collaboration with TRA, New Zealand’s largest independent insights agency, have released a report that reveals insights into some of these cultural currents, and how they are acting on the travel industry in New Zealand.

“While some changes or cultural shifts might seem insignificant at first, they might also bring seismic shifts within our industry.

We understand the importance of paying attention to these currents, taking note of the tides of change, and remaining always curious about our customers’ current and future needs.

The report we have released today tells us that the travel industry is undergoing massive change. This change is for the better, and holds opportunity for all in the industry if we ride the cultural currents correctly.”

David Coombes, Flight Centre NZ managing director.

Using “TRA’s Cultural Compass” the report navigates the following key cultural currents:

  • Beyond: The shift to an experience-orientated culture where people seek more meaningful ways to live life. “Our customers are seeking more; they want to be travellers rather than tourists. Those who prioritise experience will be who thrive in 2019 and beyond” Sean Berenson, FCNZ general manager product. 
  • Trust & Integrity: The growing demand for transparent business practices relating to personal data, privacy and security. “The ability of Blockchain technology to securely share a piece of information is going to revolutionise the world, particularly for business travellers” Nick Queale, FCNZ general manager corporate. 
  • Adaptation: The evolution and tension of the connected self as technology becomes essential to how we function.“As other travel companies race to pursue technology only models, we’ve focussed on understanding the nuances of both online and offline” Sue Matson, FCNZ general manager retail. 
  • Audacious Change: The desire for daring approaches to effect true, transparent and inclusive change. “Businesses can no longer sit on the sidelines; consumers are expecting them to be proactive and engage with relevant issues” Jodie Burnard, FCNZ general manager marketing.

The report also explores the following secondary cultural currents: nature, work revolution, optimised self and a fresh start.


Use the latest cultural insights to predict industry shifts and trends. Read the full report today.