2016 Trends: Stays becoming smarter and more personalised

Hotel Trends
White Papers 01 Mar 2016

Hotels are increasingly positioning themselves as destinations, offering more personalised experiences for each guest, rather than ‘just a room’.

A hotel’s ability to know their guest will become the strongest deal breaker for guest loyalty in 2016.

Mobile technology will see game-changing development in the hotel industry, offering seamless and empowering experiences for travellers by putting greater control and flexibility in the palm of their hands.

More hotel groups will implement technology that recognises a returning guest’s mobile device the moment they arrive, and instantly connects their phone to the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

From here, the sky is the limit as guests will be able to use their mobile devices to check in and out, select and customise their rooms, and unlock their rooms – solutions already being offered by the likes of Hilton Worldwide.

Guests are now able to use their mobile devices to make virtual payments, access concierge, order room service, adjust room temperature and lights, and enjoy their own choice of video entertainment using Netflix, Apple TV or similar. Every detail of their room preference will be remembered and customised for their next visit.

Connectivity will continue to improve, with stronger Wi-Fi expected to find its way into the more mainstream hotels.

Li-Fi technology is slowly being introduced enabling the transmission of 5G technology through lights, providing unprecedented connection speed in hotel rooms.

Loyalty and status will remain a strong influencing decision factor in 2016, with guests preferring to stay in properties that reward repeat visits.

Hotels will pursue their loyalty customers more aggressively through bonus points, status matching and partnerships with associated businesses.