Spotlight On: Women & Business Travel

Spotlight On: Women & Business Travel
White Papers 02 Oct 2017

As part of the 2017 Business Travel Trends, FCM Travel Solutions New Zealand is putting a spotlight on women and business travel.

Forget the suit and tie brigade you see in stock images. High-tech and connected, women are in fact the fastest growing segment of corporate travellers in the world today. It’s not surprising New Zealand has seen a 13 per cent increase in women travelling for business.  This number is continuing to climb at a rapid rate with women currently making up 33 per cent of FCM New Zealand’s total travellers; globally this figure for FCM is at 48 per cent, so expect this figure to further rise!

With the new Health and Safety Reform Bill in 2016, duty of care has been pushed to the forefront of all business agendas. Now more than ever, businesses need to ensure traveller safety is considered and solo women travellers may need additional consideration when travelling to certain parts of the world.

Businesses need to investigate different options and make informed choices about their employee travel. It’s imperative business duty of care plans are refined and adhered to and now is the time to ensure this is happening.

Across the travel sector, there has been a number of new initiatives introduced to increase general traveller safety with some initiatives that would benefit in particular the female solo traveller. “It’s not about being treated differently, it’s about being treated appropriately,” says Rheanna-Marie Hall, editor at Maiden Voyage, a specialist resource for female business travellers. It’s worth New Zealand businesses investigating these new options and make informed choices.