Spotlight On: New Zealand Business Travel Landscape

Spotlight On: New Zealand Business Travel Landscape
White Papers 19 Sep 2017

As part of the 2017 Business Travel Trends, FCM Travel Solutions New Zealand is putting a spotlight on New Zealanders travelling for business. This issue looks at the current travel landscape, comparing travel alerts year-on-year and incidents that impact business travel for Kiwis.

Business travel, whether international or domestic, exposes employees to a certain level of risk. Away from the familiarity of home, travellers can be put into situations that expose them to a range of health, safety and security hazards.

In New Zealand, FCM Travel Solutions has seen a six per cent increase in travel alerts sent to business travellers from 2015 versus 2016 . Year-to-date, FCM is already seeing a notable increase in travel alerts sent. These alerts range from natural disasters, increased threats and acts of terrorism.

As previous FCM Spotlight reports have shown, the need for business travel continues to rise. Increased unrest globally has not impacted on business travel, however it has brought traveller safety to the front of business planning.