Spotlight On: Destinations – Where are they Travelling?

Spotlight on Travel Classes – How are they Travelling?
White Papers 07 Jun 2017

As part of the 2017 Business Travel Trends, FCM Travel Solutions New Zealand is putting a spotlight on where business travellers are heading.

Domestic travel makes up the largest portion of business travel in New Zealand, however there is an increasing number of international tickets being booked for business travel. This shows that business travel as a whole is growing – but where are these international business travellers going?

Data from the 2017 FCM business travel survey shows five most frequently travelled destinations for New Zealand business travellers. These include; Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Los Angeles and Singapore. Globally for FCM these are London, Dubai, Singapore, Frankfurt and Sydney.

The new airline routes to the United States and Asia, along with New Zealand’s location in the world, see these markets favoured. London remains consistent locally and globally.

Not surprising, these key destinations house the majority of global headquarters, requiring travel from Kiwis on a regular basis.