Increased Security Measures at Australian Airports

Increased security screening at Domestic and International Airports across Australia
Travel News 31 Jul 2017

Increased security measures are currently in place at Australian airports following several terror-related arrests over the weekend.

Passengers are advised to arrive at airports at least TWO HOURS prior to domestic flights and THREE HOURS prior to international flights.  Security delays are expected to continue into the week.

Passengers can assist the process by:

  • Picking up and dropping off domestic customers in the terminal / baggage claim rather than clearing security and going to the gate.
  • Ensuring they are ready for security with pockets empty, laptops out and shoes off.
  • Making sure electronic devices are charged enough that they can be powered up if requested by security.
  • Reducing the amount of carry-on luggage they take on board (please note that there are no changes to the amount permitted by the airlines).
  • Adjusting their domestic travel arrangements to fly in non-peak periods.
  • Being patient and compliant with the officials managing the security.

Please contact your Travel Manager if you have any concerns about your itinerary.