Charging in Airports

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Travel News 16 Nov 2017

With the ever increasing amount of people travelling with mobile phones, laptops and cameras; the demand for power points and charging stations within airports is continually increasing. Many airports struggle to keep up with the current demand.

At most airports you will find charging locations dotted around the airport, but more often than not there will be many other people looking for charging points at the same time.

When looking for somewhere to charge your phone or laptop prior to your flight; look near rubbish bins, gate seating areas and near restaurants. In many airports ‘Power up’ or ‘Charging station’ will highlight areas to charge your devices. But be careful for fake signs postered around airports, where people have attempted to be humorous. Additionally, the airport website will often have a section explaining where charging points are located, you might find one out of the way that not many people have found.

Airports which have undergone more recent renovations will likely supply individual power points within each chair.

Innovative Airports

Dallas/Fort Worth International airport has installed many charging poles and power points, but has also developed three Airport Travel Lounges. Which have seating, televisions, and plenty of charging outlets for phones and laptops.

Across many American airports you will find kiosks called SwapBox Kiosks, at these you can rent a FuelRod which is a portable charger that will deliver up to 4 hours of usage for a tablet and 8 hours of talk time for mobile phones, these will cost you approximately US$20; but can be a good alternative to sitting next to a charging station for hours. Once your FuelRod is empty just swap it at one of the SwapBox kiosks for a new one FREE of charge, or simply recharge it yourself.

More recently a Belgium based company has introduced the WeWatt, a charging station powered by human pedalling, these can be found in Brussels, Calgary, Brisbane, Amsterdam and a selection of other airports currently. These provide a good opportunity to keep moving before you sit down for extended periods of time on your flight!

International Adapters

Be aware of the country you will need to charge your electronic devices in. Some airports will provide USB charging ports so you won’t need to worry about a travel adapter for your phone, however, not all airports will have these!

Finding the right plug adapter can be hard, and if you are visiting multiple countries, carrying multiple plugs can be quite annoying. You can however find universal adapters that will work for any countries plug. These can be found at most leading electrical retailers, as well as Amazon.