Top Five International Business Travel Destinations Revealed

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Media Releases 09 Jun 2017

Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Los Angeles and London are the top five business travel destinations frequented by Kiwi business travellers.

Figures released by FCM Travel Solutions New Zealand as part of the Spotlight on Business Travel Trends 2017, showed these destinations topped the list of ticketed airfares for 2016, outside of domestic and Australian travel.

Andy Jack, general manager FCM Travel Solutions New Zealand, said these popular destinations house many of the major global headquarters, which requires travel from Kiwis on a regular basis.

“There is a distinct trend with these top destinations – the Asian economy is growing and clearly the Kiwi business travellers are heading to where this growth is.

There are more airlines than ever before servicing these markets, which is driving reduced fare offerings and also creating more choice between classes on board for the business traveller,” Mr Jack said.

Globally, FCM Travel Solutions most popular destinations include; London, Dubai, Singapore, Frankfurt and Sydney.

“London is a traditional market and has cemented itself as a top business travel destination both in New Zealand and for businesses across the globe. Its five airports also offers a range of options into this city and we are seeing Kiwi executives continuing to add London onto their European itineraries,” Mr Jack said.

“Los Angeles is geographically in a very good location, opening up the US and Latin America, meaning Kiwi business travellers can tick off multiple meetings in a strategic, time conscious route.”

Mr Jack went on to say that the new Health and Safety Reform Act of 2016 ensures now, more than ever before, that New Zealand businesses are responsible for their employee’s travel.

“As New Zealand businesses grow, often so too does the need for international travel. Now is the time for businesses to take another look at their policies to ensure they comply fully with the new legislation.

A full copy of the Spotlight on Business Travel Trends 2017: Where They’re Travelling can be found here: Spotlight On: Destinations – Where are they Travelling?