Online Solutions

FCM Portal

FCM Portal is a customisable online management tool which provides a secure online location for your organisation’s travel information. The new and improved platform features a re-designed user experience, enhanced features and new functionality.

FCM Portal is the gateway for your travellers to access FCM’s suite of online tools. Users’ login via the web with a single sign on that provides access to your company’s online travel resources.

Through FCM Portal you'll have access to:

  • Your online booking tool
  • Itineraries
  • Pre-trip approval
  • Travel request wizard
  • Traveller profile management
  • Travel policy
  • Travel alerts
  • Travel security information
  • Maps and guides
  • Passport information
  • Weather information
  • Membership programs
  • Contact details
  • Visa information
  • Preferred suppliers
  • Reporting
  • News Hub

FCM Portal can be used on desktop, tablet and mobile giving you 24/7 access to your company’s travel information.

Ask for a demo today to find out how FCM Portal can streamline your business travel processes. 


FCM Online

Accessible via a single sign-in and integrated with all FCM travel technologies, FCM Online offers extensive booking capabilities to speed up and streamline the travel booking process.

FCM Travel Solutions - FCM Online

Functionality includes:

  • Multi-passenger functionality 
  • International booking capabilities
  • Lowest logical fare
  • Best fare or rate of the day
  • Traveller profile management
  • Access to hotel rates from Expedia, Quickbeds, Client Hotel Program and Global Hotel Program
  • Charter bookings
  • Air credit management
  • Exception reporting
  • Policy compliance controls
  • Venue-sourcing for meetings in Australia and New Zealand

FCM Online - Rapidbook

FCM Rapidbook is online booking tool functionality that is exclusive to FCM. Featuring a single-page booking screen that users can book all of their travel on including airfares, hotel accommodation and car hire, Rapidbook expedites the booking process significantly. The unique technology is the combination of FCM's proprietary technology and third-party capability, making the design and functionality only available through FCM's suite of travel technologies.