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Maintain your work-life balance even when on business flight

Posted on May 26, 2014 by

When email and the internet were new, a business trip provided welcome relief from the heavy burden of emails and do-it-now insistence of modern business communications. Not any more.

Technology has improved so much and spread so widely across the world that not even a business flight provides an escape from the office and business needs. The quest for work-life balance is ongoing and, even though a business trip is clearly all about business, there are still ways for travellers to make the most of their trip in a work capacity - but still arrive reasonably rested and prepared for the task ahead.

Mobile phones, tablets and laptops mean we are contactable almost every hour of the day no matter where we are. Some do not like the struggle to separate ourselves from work. But technology provides us with the freedom to be away on business but still get our job done; it can actually allow us to be more productive than in the office.

But you have to stop technology taking over your life and manage it carefully.

Structure your time so you get the most out of your uninterrupted hours - a rarity in today's society.

• Make time for key activities before boarding and in-flight.

• Get access to an airport lounge with wi-fi, prior to the flight (and during any stopovers). Save any documents needed during your flight, so they're accessible offline.

• Plan to catch up on essential business reading. If travelling with a colleague it's also a great chance to catch up about what's happening in their area.

• Change your watch to the local time of the destination as soon as you board your flight. Adapting to the time of your destination helps to minimise jetlag.

• Take advantage of the fact that you can switch off, watch a movie or read a book, generally in silence for a few hours.

By Andy Jack